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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
2:07 am - Top Tracks of 2008
Welcome back again for another Top Tracks list!! Last year we saw a lot of raw tracks on the list with very few club tracks. This year club tracks dominate most of the list! The club scene as a whole was a bit of weak sauce, but the tracks that stood out (most/all of them below) really were pretty excellent. The remaining tracks are about as varied as they get. I made sure not to put any more than one song by the same person (though it can feature the same person...since a couple people in particular are on like 50% of the songs out there). Enjoy!!

Right Click and Save As to download the track! Or just stream it if you don't have a hard drive!!

1. M83 - We Own The Sky

M83 kind of broke up a little bit ago...and I thought "Well there goes an awesome band." See...there are two members in it...and after the "break-up" there was only one. Well that one decided to keep going...AND I AM GLAD HE DID!!! He's made a song that captures what hope sounds like!! I can't play this song loud enough. The last minute floors me. It's flawless. " What's Coming? What's Coming Now? What's Coming? What's Coming Now? What's Coming??? What's Coming Now?!?!?!" If you listen to one song off here...make this the one.

2. Jamie Lidell - All I Wanna Do

The first time we saw Jamie Lidell at a Label Tour at a warehouse in L.A. (2002) he was slightly chubby, virtually unknown, and absolutely brilliant. He'd loop his own voice and make beats with it and sing off it. The second time we saw him at Coachella (2006) and he looked like he hadn't eaten in a month..and absolutely brilliant. He's done so many genres...and even within this album...multiple genres. This song is pure soul though...and terrific soul at that! "All I wanna do/is show you how easy it could be/for you to paint back the colors/like the green in your tree/before it all fades away." I love sitting in my car and singing this over and over again as it rains overhead.

3. Zaho (feat. Tunisiano) - La Roue Tourne

"Is this song produced by Timbaland?" someone asked me after hearing it in my car. Nope...but it's way good enough to be produced by him. You'll find yourself doing a lot of "batta ta ta ta" 's whilst listening. It's WAY fun.

4. Jessica Mauboy (feat. Flo Rida) - Running Back

I can't put a finger on why I like this song so much...but after I downloaded it I couldn't stop listening to it. I don't think this has hit the charts here yet...but it will next year for sure.

5. Hatchback - White Diamond

Even a murderer would stop in his/her tracks and ask "What...what is that song? It is...really quite nice." Yes. It would happen...just like that!! All I can imagine is smiling and coasting down the coast when this song is playing. It feels like a mix between Presto and Telefon Tel Aviv. Best of its genre this year for sure.

6. Cotton Jones - Blood Red Sentimental Blues

I LOVE these kinds of bands!! They sound so natural...like they're not trying to prove anything. Like they just got up one day and thought "Why not make some music?" And then "Why not record it? Is the tape rec on?" Alternative Country at its finest...

7. Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

...speaking of Alternative Country at its finest...wow. How tender this sounds! It feels like Simon or Garfunkel...with a little more twang...a little less pessimism...and a little more innocence.

8. Bun B (feat. Lil' Wayne) - Damn I'm Cold

I haven't seen any other top track lists yet...but I really feel like this will be one of the most overlooked tracks of the year. There is really so much energy from both Weezy and Bun...and not so in your face like Young Jeezy's "I Put On" song...which will be getting more attention I'm sure. Very cool lyrics too.

9. T.I. - Whatever You Like

What can I say? T.I. knows how to throw down a great hook and back it up with a sweet beat. He got on the list for it last year...and this year...and hopefully next year.

10. The Bug (feat. Warrior Queen) - Poison Dart

Warrior Queen has so much of an accent and talks so fast...that the only thing I think I understand in this song is "Warriors don't run! They EAT POISON DARTS!" She has high high standards. This song is so intense. Brace yourself.

11. Lil' Wayne (feat. T-Pain) - Lollipop (Remix)

"She never heard the autotune used like us." Yes...that is a lyric from the song...that explains the song to a tee.

12. Akon (feat. Lil' Wayne) - I'm So Paid (Remix)

So yes...Akon and Lil' Wayne pretty much control the whole industry right now. Could it be because they're the only ones making songs that don't have ultra-generic beats and are actually way fun to dance to? Yes! It's also because they have such unique voices! This song makes me feel so happy!

13. Colby Odonis (feat. Akon) - What You Got

One of the coolest things about a new singer is how much passion is put into his first single. You could definitely feel how much energy was put into this...cause there's a ton of energy and great vibes coming out of it.

14.Girl Talk - Play Your Part (Pt. 2)

It's all about the last 1 minute 30 seconds. Splendid ending to an excellent song and a fun album.

15. Juvelen - Hanna

Swedish Pop!! "You never ever gave me nothin' but love!" This song will make you hop and extend your arms outward then inward. I wish a song like this would be played in a club here.

16. Mogwai - BatCat

If you're not torn apart by the first 4 minutes...the last 1:24 will rip you to pieces. While Mogwai's album this year was pretty formulaic...this song (even though still somewhat formulaic) is so incredibly powerful.

17. Kanye West - Love Lockdown

Minimalism. Less is More. "This is Kanye?" Eyes Wide Shut. Rock.

18. School of Seven Bells - Connjur

One of my biggest regrets this year is not getting to see School of Seven Bells play with M83. This song...like their others...is so soft...soooo not in your face. It's like a petal on a flower that you walk by...that is just an especially specially petal. They're so subtle...and yet they're there...beckoning me to daydream.

19. Club 8 - Jesus, Walk With Me (Jimahl Remix)

Imagine just making a little smile...like a tiny smile...(a cute tiny smile) and just rocking your head from side to side (not up and down). That is this marvelously lush and pleasant song. It sounds like the soundtrack to you exploring under a waterfall curtain.

20. 倖田來未 - TABOO

"Is this the part where Timberlake comes in?" 3 different people on 3 separate occasions have said this song would be so fitting for Mr. JT. I sing along to this song...and it is ridiculous...cause I know like 10 of 3000 words. My favorite part isn't a word though...it's her or someone in the background going "Wooo!"

21. Billy Currington - Don't

So it's a country song!! What's it to ya?! No not even alt. country...straight country! Hey! There's a little country in all of us. Listen to this song 3 times...then tell me you hate country!

22. El Guincho - Antillas

This song can either be annoying or an arm flailing party!! Depends on your taste. Mine is the latter...My dad thought the CD was stuck/skipping/damaged.

23. Johann Johannsson - The Rocket Builder

I don't swear much...but I swear this song is the definition of what song would play when you're thinking about something and trying to solve it...and then you come to the realization of the solution...but that solution is scary, haunting...and perhaps tragic. I also swear that this song came on randomly during such an occasion for me. "A mouse just scurried into my office" "Make sure to put all your candy away" and then I thought...my pecans!!! my large Hershey's Kiss!! My chocolate statue of Mickey Mouse my co-worker made me...that's what happened to THEM!! Seriously freaky.

24. The Dodos - Joe's Waltz

This song makes me feel like I'm in a Mental Hospital. Or that I should check into one. Very good at inducing certain emotions.

25. F*** Buttons

4 other songs were in the running for 25th...and they're probably so mad that I chose Ribs Out. "It's just a guy screaming and a drum!" God this song is scary. It's what one would hear upon their initial descent to hell. It's produced my the guitarist from Mogwai! I love it. IT'S CRAZY!!!!!!!

This year I've included a bonus package with songs released in Dec 2007 that I've been listening to all year. They'd be in the top 10 if it were allowed. Included are: Miguelito - Montala, The Dream - Falsetto, MGMT - Kids, Fares Karam - T2borni, Haytham-Elshomaly - sho-3melty-fey.mp3, and Private - Secret Lover. Bonus Pack!

Let me know which songs you loved/hated or if there is anyway I could make this list better!

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
1:00 am - DayVayDay!! (An A Bay Bay Paroday)

snow_design and homerspy combine yet again.

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Thursday, December 28th, 2006
6:26 pm - Top 25 Tracks of 2006

Happy Holidays!  Happy New Year! 

1.  bonnie 'prince' billy - ebb tide

2.  kelis feat. too short- bossy

3.  rich boy - throw some ds

4.  the knife - marble house

5.  the blow - come on petunia

6.  camera obscura - let's get out of this country

7.  tujiko noriko - marble waltz

8.  j dilla - time: the donuts of the heart

9.  lil' wayne and birdman- stuntin' like my daddy

10. lil' jon - snap your fingers

11. band of horses - part one

12. girl talk - too deep

13. cherish feat. sean paul & young bloodz - do it to it
['this a hood dance'  'nuff said.]

14. cassie - me & u

15. mates of state - punchlines

16. boy least likely to - faith (george michael cover)
[An awesome version of the song...leaves me smiling after every listen.]

17. junior boys - in the morning
['because we're too young']

18. neko case - maybe sparrow

19. sway - this is my demo
[Twista has met his match...I do think Sway is just slightly faster at his rapping abilities...a tough task to accomplish.  Well done Sway.]

20. tapes 'n tapes - omaha
[Jordan's roommate Kim helped produce this band when they were first starting out.  Whatever influence he left on them sure helped out.]

21. mogwai - glasgow mega snake
[Did you honestly think I wasn't going to include a Mogwai song on here?  There have been multiple occassions where my completely clean room turns into a complete disarray by the end of the song.]

22. digitalism - jupiter room

23. amine - j'voulais

24. utada hikaru - passion

25. pelle carlberg - go to hell, miss rydell
[hahaha....what?  hahahaha!!]

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
2:52 pm - The Doctor is in, The Doctor is on
The average American spends 15 years of their life watching TV. Wow.

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Monday, December 4th, 2006
4:13 pm - Chavez is getting too close shamus!
Doesn't Chavez know that leaders that passionately care about their own country over any others are going to be assassinated? Silly Chavez.

Any bets on how long he'll last before he gets the old CIA caput?

2.3 years is my guess.

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Friday, September 29th, 2006
1:37 pm - Travel
I bought 9,000 tickets for anyone who wants to come take an underground train with me to go to the REAL Fraggle Rock.

The train leaves tomorrow at midnight. So...the midnight after today's midnight. Rather...the midnight that is following in about 10.5 hours...yeah...after that midnight.

Please come...and bring light clothes...because it will heat up as we get close to the earth's core.

(As an extra word...I would like to thank blackfoliage for organizing a crew to rebuild and revamp the underground train. We couldn't have taken this journey without you...so thanks)

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Monday, June 5th, 2006
7:04 pm - Together, we can save a life
According to the American Red Cross...my new name (as is prominently displayed on my First Aid Certification card) is.....


Please refer to me by that name from now on...as my previous name is no longer valid.

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Friday, January 27th, 2006
3:34 pm - Wardrobe Malfunction
Hariri (son) and Bush met today to discuss Lebanon's situation. 

I bet they were both quite embarrassed when they realized they purchased the same suit for the white house prom later tonight.

In addition to being a prom disaster...this picture could also pose as a tool for those in opposition of Syria's withdrawal to equate Hariri with Bush...thus trying to convince the Lebanese people that the withdrawal of Syria is something being influenced from the outside.  And if you knew Lebanese people...you'd know they're stubborn...and even if they thought that Syria's withdrawal is good at the beginning...because someone else is saying it is good...they'll be like "Hey...wait...they're saying it is good...and we don't really get along with them...so...if it is good for them....it is bad for us!" 

Tension is rising.  A large group of people sway one way and another large group sways another.  The history of a past war is still fresh on their minds and probably is the only reason they haven't begun fighting yet.  All it takes is for a few people from one group to shoot a few people from the other group...and civil war begins again.  Then I'm not sure what I'd do...with all my cousins over there...I'd want to help stop it...and I'd think about going there to fight...but against what...and who...I mean...fighting didn't resolve anything the last time and it surely won't this time.  Everyday I hope there's nothing in the paper.

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
4:00 pm - The way we was...
I wrote this in an email to my friend Sara in 1999.

"LOL! "Rush Limbaugh Show!" Hehe...I cant believe I put the exclimation mark behind show...there was nothing exclimational about that show. I think I watched it once when I was in 9th grade. I couldnt see for three days after. It was sad yet scary
all in one.
Man Rush Limbaugh. I wanna see that guy in a movie! I got it! "This winter...the music will not play the same tune anymore. Dud Bakely, and Slick McFavorite square off in a battle that could mean their lives! Rush Limbaugh plays Dud Bakely...a Mild mannered
reporter with a knack for a flute that could blow up ANY MINUTE! And Sylvester Stallone in his most square role ever...playing a Concert Pianist that could blow up ANY MINUTE! They must set aside their differences and team up to save Carnagy Hall from blowing up
ANY MINUTE! Don't miss this Oscar Contender!" I'd watch it...wouldnt you? That would be a perfect date
movie...............well maybe for some accountants or something."

Consequently I also wrote many unfunny things and ranted about how excited I was that Rob Thomas was going to be on the new Santana album for a paragraph...which was actually pretty funny...although not meant as a joke.

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Thursday, August 4th, 2005
2:50 pm - Merhan Karimi Nasseri



And the winner is Chimi!!!  Email homerspy@gmail.com with a phone number to call you at and one of the following voices I should use:

A)  Door-to-Door Salesman

B) Texan Cow wrastler

C) Indigo

D) Normal



Merhan has actually lived at Charles de Gaulle airport since 8/8/88.  Next week will be his seventeenth year at the airport.  His story is pretty crazy.

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
10:13 am - Who is this?

The first person who finds out who this is...gets a call from me. 

(Not much of a prize...but I'll make it as entertaining as possible.  I'll give hints every business day. Careful...CHIMI IS GETTING TOO CLOSE SHAMUS!! sang-tech is quickslow...but Jabe is gainingslow too.)

Clue 1: I live in France (Mannix would be able to solve it with just this clue)

Clue 2: I'm 60 years old

Clue 3: I'm Iranian

Clue 4: I have a BA in Psychology

Clue 5: I Protested against Mohammed Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran in 1974.

Clue 6: I spends most of my day listening to the radio, reading books, and writing in my diary.

Clue 7: I've been rejected 8 different times from 5 different countries that I applied to stay in after I left Iran.

Clue 8: I have four brothers and two sisters.

Clue 9: My situation has been the inspiration for an Art Director's Guild award winning movie, a Silver Seashell award winning movie, an award winning documentary, and an award nominated documentary.

Clue 10: Arrested in 1988 by French police

Clue 11: My favorite food is french fries.

Clue 12: I lived in Belgium for 6 years.

Clue 13: Dreamworks paid me more than $200,000 to make a movie loosely based around my life story

Clue 14: I own only two pairs of clothing

Clue 15: Chimi's guess should be the last clue needed! My name is......

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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
1:34 pm - 50
I first started visualizing cops as real people when I went on a ride along in 12th grade. I remember a case where a mother of two children was conning neighbors into giving her money through some kind of a scheme. She'd made at least $200. The officer I was with wanted her to get up to $300 or so...that way they can get her for grand theft. A mother of two children. Before the day ended we stopped by a gas station with a reported theft. The cashir knew who stole the three boxes of cigarettes...costing the store about $320. The officer didn't even wait for the gas station owners to arrive...but they did as he was leaving...and he just shrugged them off. Why? It was checkout time. The day was done...not his problem any more. Earlier he had mentioned his neighbors coming to his house on an off day if they have a domestic dispute or something and telling him to take care of it...but...he's like "I'm not working right now...you'll have to call someone..." or something like that. I understand though...it is a job. It is just a job.

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Friday, July 8th, 2005
5:25 pm - What bubblejet and I will do this weekend:

 and maybe this......or these...




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4:15 pm - If they'd only watched this episode...

Melon causes truck crash; 1 dead, 30 hurt



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3:08 pm - Jefferson
and Mount Rushmore occurred naturally.

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Thursday, July 7th, 2005
4:34 pm - Two popsicles please!
On our way between Las Vegas and Death Valley we stopped at a liquor store for popsicles. On the cash register:


It took them 5 minutes to process our order of two 99 cent popsicles. (They decided to count out the register before they processed our order.) (Though even with the register being closed out...they could have just said 2 dollars...right?)

I had a nice laugh :)

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
1:58 pm - Steve Jobs programmed one of my favorite games!
History it is

Did you know Breakout is actually based on a true story?

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005
9:16 am - Cousins + Minature Golf = All-Night Laugh Fiesta
On the way back home we had a teleconference between the two cars driving home about what is considered a sport and why so. There were allegations that golf, bowling, and billiards were not sports. I contested that motion and figured they were since they require hand-eye coordination and are based on the robustness of that coordination and they are competitive. The motion was raised that playing musical instrument is a sport then, since it requires coordination and can be done competitively.

Now I don't know what to think!

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
12:05 pm - I can only pray...

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Monday, June 27th, 2005
3:19 pm - pour wronggirl - demanded stories
Charlie Bucket was played by Peter Ostrum. Ostrum gave up acting to focus on animals and is now a veterinarian.

Information is scarce about Michael Bollner, who played Augustus Gloop. According to several sources, he's now a tax accountant in Munich. Like Ostrum, Bollner never acted again.

Mike Teevee was tackled by Paris Themmen. He's held a variety of jobs, and appears at film conventions. These days he directs commercial casting sessions in Los Angeles.

Denise Nickerson played Violet Beauregarde. She also starred in the hugely popular "Dark Shadows" TV series. She works in Colorado and has a son named Josh.

Finally, Julie Dawn Cole played Veruca Salt. She's still appeared in "EastEnders" and various other TV series.

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